Personalize LinkedIn Invitations

Few people really understand how poorly it reflects on them to contact an employer or potential client with obviously canned text. This is true for everything from cover letters to LinkedIn connection requests.

People are constantly judging the things you say and the way you say them both in person and online. It’s easy for someone to tell that you have not written something personalized for them. Template messages make contacts feel that they weren’t worth the time it would take to create a personalized message. It really hurts your chances of developing a strong relationship.

–You want to show that you are the type of person that can develop strong interpersonal relationships. –

The True Importance of Personalization

Template messages don’t just make contacts feel marginalized. They speak strongly about the way you conduct business in a wider sense. After all, first impressions mean a lot in the world of business.

If you’re willing to throw away the opportunity to “wow” a new contact by sending some form contact message, then contacts may wonder if you are someone that seizes opportunities or throws them away. You want to show that you are the type of person that can develop strong interpersonal relationships. Taking the time to write a strong, personalized LinkedIn invitation can be a great way to show that.

How to Do Better

For cold-invites, start with a quick browse of the contact’s LinkedIn profile page. Take note of their experience or current company position and quickly pick out one or two things that you have in common with the contact. Obviously, this probably won’t lead to some long, drawn-out conversation about things you have in common. However, it will give you the opportunity to quickly mention something that shows you’ve taken the time to look over a profile.

If you are sending an invitation to someone you met at a networking event, then you should recognize that he or she may not remember you right away. In your personalized invitation, you should mention where you met the contact and perhaps what you talked about. Many people won’t accept invitations from people they don’t know or remember, so it’s important to make sure they remember you.

In Business, Relationships Count

Even without industry experts telling you to personalize your LinkedIn invitations, common sense should steer you that way. Business thrives off of relationships. If you can’t show your ability to relate in a personalized way, then you shouldn’t be surprised when your invitations go unaccepted.

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