Use the power of Facebook

A Pew Research Center survey has discovered that around 20 to 30 percent of people on Facebook fall into a group that they call “power users.” These “power users” send out a large number of friend requests, comment on statuses […]

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Employee Appreciation

How to Demonstrate Employee Appreciation and Respect

Maintaining a productive work force with consistently high morale and motivation relies on a variety of factors. Unfortunately, too few companies are currently assigning this task a high

Creating a Resume: The Fundamentals

A resume has a very distinct purpose. It should make it as easy as possible for a hiring manager to decide that you are the right person for

Negotiating a Salary

Negotiation is always something of an art form and many people find negotiating a salary to be particularly stressful. Even in a difficult job market, however, there is

Using Social in Your Job Search

Using Social Media in the Job Search

Looking for a job is a project. Like any project, it is composed of discrete tasks that should complement each other and contribute to the whole. The project