Personalize LinkedIn Invitations

Few people really understand how poorly it reflects on them to contact an employer or potential client with obviously canned text. This is true for everything from cover letters to LinkedIn connection requests. People are constantly judging the things you […]

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Marketing Executive Resume

The job search is akin to a trial by fire. Your marketing executive resume is, first and foremost, a marketing piece, and you’re promoting something near and dear

Car Talk

Tribute to Car Talkers for their Inspirational Career

Since 1987, Tom and Ray Magliozzi have been a fixture in many American homes. The two radio hosts stunned their fans with their recent announcement that, after 35

Use the power of Facebook

A Pew Research Center survey has discovered that around 20 to 30 percent of people on Facebook fall into a group that they call "power users." These "power

Employee Appreciation

How to Demonstrate Employee Appreciation and Respect

Maintaining a productive work force with consistently high morale and motivation relies on a variety of factors. Unfortunately, too few companies are currently assigning this task a high

Using Social in Your Job Search

Using Social Media in the Job Search

Looking for a job is a project. Like any project, it is composed of discrete tasks that should complement each other and contribute to the whole. The project