Use the power of Facebook

A Pew Research Center survey has discovered that around 20 to 30 percent of people on Facebook fall into a group that they call “power users.” These “power users” send out a large number of friend requests, comment on statuses of others and “like” things at a rate that far exceeds the feedback they get in return.

What this means is that for a good four-fifths of Facebook users, they will receive far more positive feedback from others than they give out themselves. In other words, by being a member of the Facebook community, you end up with more “morale boost” moments. You don’t have to work as hard for positive returns.

For example, Rihanna already received over 2,000 comments to her simple note about Valentines Day being around the corner.

Use The Power of Facebook2,700 people LIKED Paris Hilton’s post that she “was in the studio last night….” And by the way, Paris’s Facebook page has over 1 million LIKES.

If these celebs suffer a disappointment they can find comfort on Facebook. It provides balance.

During a job hunt, that balance usually ends up in the other direction. The job seeker sends out resume after resume, and very rarely gets anything positive in return. This unbalance is what often sends the job seeker into depression and can really derail their efforts as their job search continues.

That’s why it makes sense for the job seeker to use Facebook as a tool to help keep their spirits high during the job search. By posting about your job search, you can receive encouragement and advice from your “friends” and who knows? Maybe a job lead will land in your lap as well.

Why not try and tap into some of that “power” and use it to energize your quest for that next step in your career?

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